Kaco NFT Fragmentation (KNFT) Launch Event: Win Kaco KNFT Commemorative Edition NFT Blind Box!

As Coinversation’s EVM Dapp on the BSC, KacoFinance was officially launched on August 24, 2021 UTC time, and the NFT fragmentation function (KNFT) was officially launched on September 28, 2021 UTC time

To celebrate the launch of KNFT, Kaco officially launched the KNFT LP event on October 1, 2021. The reward for this event is the official NFT Blind Box Award (928 in total,). The specific event rules are as follows:

Time: October 1, 2021- All the blind box be minted

Rule: During the event, users stake 100 KNFT (KKAC-KAC, KCAKE-CAKE or KALPACA-ALPACA) LP tokens on the Kaco platform (if the number of addresses exceeds the number of blind boxes, first claim first served), the official will take random snapshots every month, The official will release the winning address from time to time. The address that meets the requirements can go to the collection page to extract the NFT blind box 3 working days after the list is published, (please read carefully):

Blind box content:




Warm tip: The snapshot time is randomly selected by the project side. Please do not unlock LP TOKEN easily before the list is published to ensure that you can obtain the award qualification! The official will announce the details of the winning address from time to time.

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