Kaco Started $80k Global Community Partner Program

Since the launch of Kaco Finance, the number of users has continued to grow, and the transaction volume has also been rising. To continue to expand Kaco’s community influence and make the Kaco community more closely connected with the broader community, Kaco is now launching an $80,000 global community incentive program. Your community meets the requirements, don’t wait, participate now!

All communities can apply for this incentive program. Cooperating with Kaco Community, your communities not only get rewards but also become officially certified cooperative communities.

To achieve community cooperation, the following should be done:

✅ The Community members is not less than 2,000, and the daily active users are not less than 200

✅ Develop cooperation activities with Kaco (AMA, Panel, etc.)

✅ Guide your community users to experience Kaco Finance

✅… and more

Community Cooperation Plan Rewards:

We will give out NFT and Token rewards worth $150-$800 to the members of each cooperative community. For communities with excellent performance, we will have additional rewards. In addition to these, there will be:

  • The globally recognized Kaco cooperative community;
  • Be the first to get the latest news and updates from Kaco exclusively;
  • Be the first to explore Kaco with our developers;
  • When your community engages in interactive activities with Kaco, Kaco will reward the community to motivate users.
  • …And more

How to apply:

Do you want to be one of our cooperative communities? Don’t wait and apply here!

Apply Here

We will check your information as soon as possible. After your application is passed, you will get the corresponding community sharing incentives.

About Coinversation Protocol

Coinversation are financial derivatives and NFT protocol. Coinversation’s evm version dapp has deployed Dex and NFT fragmentation protocol on Kusama and BSC. Coinversation will continue to make efforts in the direction of NFT+DEFI. Next, we will construct the NFT element components of the Polkadot ecology, such as defining the data format and calculation methods of the Polkadot ecology NFT. On this basis, Coinversation attempts to set standards for future NFT.

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About KACO

Kaco Finance is the evm version of DEX issued by Polkadot decentralized exchange and synthetic asset protocol Coinversation. Kaco Finance is a cross-chain decentralized trading platform based on Binance Smart Chain and Kusama parachain. Kaco Finance initially aims to provide liquidity AMM and yield farm for the Polkadot ecological project and is committed to realizing the asset bridging function between Kusama and BSC.

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Coinversation: Decentralized Synthetic Asset Issuance Platform on Polkadot

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Coinversation Protocol

Coinversation: Decentralized Synthetic Asset Issuance Platform on Polkadot