Coinversation Protocol Joins the Astar Builder Program

We’re excited to announce that Coinversation Protocol has joined the Astar Builder Program, and we believe that the Program will provide technical support on the DEX deployment on Shiden.

The Builder Program is created to support teams that are building products that help further the development, growth, and adoption of the Astar ecosystem. The program is operated by Stake Technologies with guidance from Parity Technologies under the Builders for Builders initiative.

Astar Network is a scalable, interoperable, multi-virtual machine smart contract platform on Polkadot, supporting cutting-edge layer 2 solutions such as Rollups. With the support of both Ethereum Solidity and WebAssembly, existing smart contracts can be deployed directly to the Astar ecosystem without any changes at the same time. Besides the Polkadot ecosystem, we will connect Astar to other blockchain ecosystems including Ethereum and Cosmos through our multi-chain bridges. We are aiming to build the best smart contract platform and become the dApp hub in the Polkadot ecosystem.

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Coinversation Protocol is a synthetic-asset issuance protocol and decentralized contract trading exchange based on the Polkadot parachain. It uses CTOs, the issued by Coinversation Protocol, and DOTs as collateral, to synthesize any cryptocurrencies, stocks, bonds, gold or other off-chain assets through smart contracts and oracles. Users can forge a certain synthetic asset by collateralizing CTOs or DOTs, such as U.S. dollars, and automatically have a long position in the asset. Users can also convert minted assets into other assets through the trading platform, so as to realize the purpose of shorting the asset and longing other assets.

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Coinversation: Decentralized Synthetic Asset Issuance Platform on Polkadot