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4 min readDec 1, 2021


Since Coinversation was launched, it has received the enthusiasm of users from all over the world and the attention of Polkadot enthusiasts. In order to better build the Coinversation community, expand the community scale and integrate more fans into the community, Coinversation has launched a community partner recruitment plan, where partners can share high-quality content and motivate others through the community to obtain rewards.

Application Conditions

Who are we looking for?

Are passionate and knowledgeable about the blockchain industry.

Have a basic understanding of Polkadot ecology and Defi 2.0.

Are willing to learn and share project knowledge with the community

Have a strong faith in the future of Coinversation.

Have one of the following qualities:

  • You are a Blockchain enthusiast and have a certain understanding of Polkadot.
  • You are good at marketing and have a strong network in the blockchain industry to refer Coinversation to clients, customers, and partners to find and gain promotional opportunities and more exposure for Coinversation.
  • You are skilled in blockchain development and can provide explanations and guidance to other community members on technical issues, test new features, provide feedback, and identify/report bugs for Coinversation.
  • You have a crypto community of 50+ people, and you are willing to grow your crypto community into a local language community for Coinversation. You are patient enough to translate project updates into the local language and keep running and expanding the community.

Community Partner Responsibilities

Basic duties:

  • Each community partner will be responsible for building a Telegram group, Twitter account in their own language, such as German, Spanish,French,Russian,etc. (Language with more than 50 million speakers);
  • Work with Coinversation to build a traffic ecology;
  • Share the progress, roadmap, news and other content of Coinversation to social media platforms and communities in a timely manner;
  • Submit a summary of the administrator’s work to the community every month, share experience and provide valuable ideas and suggestions for the development of Coinversation global community.

Daily duties:

  • Expand the community and introduce Coinversation content to new community members
  • Respond to questions and answers in your own language community, and collect frequently asked questions and questions that are difficult to respond to, and submit them to the Coinversation official community manager once a month.
  • Translate project updates from the official Coinversation account, including articles, reports, events, etc., and post the translated content to your language community.
  • Keep the community active with 1–2 community events a month (e.g., talk sessions on certain topics, fun contests, etc.).

Extended duties: (additional bonus section)

1.Organize offline meetups for over 30 CTO holders

2.Group Token subscription

3.Assist in closing significant business partnerships

4. etc…….

Community Partner Rights

  • Be officially certified by Coinversation and participate in Coinversation community governance decisions.
  • Fixed monthly base salary
  • Monthly incentives based on performance and deliverables for the month
  • Annual special awards based on annual contributions to the community
  • Token sales share: After a partner forms a community and a community member invests in the project, the partner can get 10% bonus of the total community investment.
  • And more…

Recruitment statement

  • Coinversation reserves the right to unilaterally adjust the rules of this program, including rewards settings, selection criteria, rewards rules, etc.;
  • Those who violate laws and regulations, activity rules, infringe the interests of others, etc. will be disqualified from participation;
  • Please pay attention to relevant announcements issued by Coinversation, and pay attention to identifying false news, phishing websites, phishing emails, cloned accounts, etc. Coinversation is exempt from liability for all losses incurred by users due to their credulous belief in false news;
  • Coinversation reserves the right of final interpretation of this program;
  • If you have any questions about this program, please contact;
  • This recruitment will start on December 1, 2021 and will be effective in a long term.

Application channel

Please pack your personal information and resume or materials that can prove you are competent as a community partner and send it to the official mailbox.

Official email:

About Coinversation Protocol

Coinversation Protocol is the first DEFI2.0 protocol platform of Polkadot Ecology. It has been expanded from a synthetic asset protocol to a derivative ecosystem including parachains, DEX, synthetic asset, and stablecoin protocols.

Coinversation Protocol aims to be a stable currency protocol based on interest-bearing assets based on the parachain of Polkadot. Users can use different currencies such as CTO and DOT to synthesize CUSD through smart contracts and oracle. Users can cast CUSD by staking tokens that can generate interest. Bridging USDT, USDC and BUSD to the CTO network to form the largest stable currency exchange platform in the Polkadot ecosystem. We will open the interface to facilitate all parachain to access our stable currency exchange system, so that all chain users can seamlessly use Polkadot’s bridging protocol.

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About KACO

Kaco Finance is the evm version of DEX issued by Polkadot decentralized exchange and synthetic asset protocol Coinversation. Kaco Finance is a cross-chain decentralized trading platform based on Binance Smart Chain and Kusama parachain. Kaco Finance initially aims to provide liquidity AMM and yield farm for the Polkadot ecological project and is committed to realizing the asset bridging function between Kusama and BSC.

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Coinversation Protocol

Coinversation: Decentralized Synthetic Asset Issuance Platform on Polkadot